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In the over-saturated industries where fight for each customer is hard, software like RBK Bank app help businesses to stay ahead of the game and breed customer loyalty. Built for banking industry, it opens new opportunities for banks to keep their clients in the loop by sending notifications directly to a client’s mobile device. The moment bank customers download the app on their smartphones, they get access to updates about new bank offers, new offices, alerts on service's disruptions. By using the map function, the customer will easily find a route to the closest branch or ATM. This app is a new way to speak directly to the customer!

Key Features:

  • Push notifications pop up on mobile devices.
  • Messages reach clients even when the screen is locked and the app closed.
  • Google Maps API is used in all modules to create navigation on mobile device.
  • Developed as a cross-platform app with a web-based administration console.
  • Administrators manage server configurations and selects POI for clients.
  • Client devices pick up changes as soon as an admin finishes editing data on the web page.

Tech Specifications:

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Backend server created on .NET
  • Integrated Google Maps API
  • Embedded Push Notifications technology

Made for:

  • Bank clients
  • Bank officers
  • Bank representatives


Application developed as a cross-platform app with web-based administration console. Using web administration module bank representative could send instant messages using push technology to wide range of users.

Google Maps API is used in all modules to create navigation on mobile device and allow administrators to precise selection of POI for clients. Devices would update their data as soon as administrator will finish editing data on web page.


.NET, Android, iOS, Azure, Web, Google Maps API