Cocoshow software opens the new educational door while closing the old one on boring lessons truancy, low motivation. Game show-style training is great for schools, colleges, conferences and team-building parties. Simply enter questions into the tool and it will present them as the TV-style quiz show. With Cocoshow you’ll create your own professional-looking and fun interactivities without any programming background.

Based on Laravel framework for the server side, Pixi.js for Web GL animation, MySQL for database.

Key Features:

  • There is no limit to the number of shows a user can create
  • User controls the show that is playing on another computer
  • Intuitive design improves user experience
  • Livened up with flashing light and sound mage buzzer

Tech Specifications:

  • Laravel framework for the server side
  • Pixi.js for Web GL animation
  • MySQL for database

Made for:

  • Teachers
  • Students



Web application, PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML