If you ever get goose bumps or chills up the spine when listening to rich music sounds, you’ll understand how proud we are of Worship Band In Hand. It’s an amazing app, designed to enhance live worship by giving access to a full band sound right from your device. Imagine having a digital backing band ready to play the part of an absent musician, replace worn-out instruments, increase the quality of music-making, affect the pitch and volume. Worship Band in Hand is used as a teaching tool to help musicians build their skills or as a utility musician at rehearsals.

We created innovative technology to make Android capable of 11 live synchronized music track editing!

Key Features:

  • Mixer changes the volume of any instrument in a song with one slide of a finger
  • Custom mix can be saved for future use
  • Tempo adjustment dialog allows playing a song slower or faster
  • Songs can be added, removed, rearranged and played in any order you want
  • Playback sync session is set for up to 5 iOS devices
  • There is an extensive directory of songs for use inside the app

Tech Specifications:

  • Server account synchronization
  • Sync playback with 5 iOS devices
  • Downloading & playing the songs
  • Set list preparations
  • Mixer settings
  • Re-arrangement view
  • Pitch shifting and speed changing

We created innovative technology to make Android capable of 11 live synchronised music track editing!

Made for:

  • Worship teams
  • Musicians
  • Live performances



iOS, Android, mp3, Sound processing, HTTP, JSON, SQL